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Well, it's certainly not against Stoicism's principles to assign values to things you don't control.

As far as I'm aware Bradford's letter, on which that article is based, does not say the play was…

>> First, George Washington had Cato performed for his officers, not his troops.

The CIA, of course, did not “author” the article.

The Honor of a Nation

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On Compassionate Stoicism

How Compassionate is Stoicism?

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Why do people shoot their mouths off every day on social media when life's too short?

The Stoic Obsession with Figs

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Here's an article about the actual evidence of early Stoic political writings but the way Stoicism…

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A Guide to Stoic Exercises

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Stoicism and the Eleusinian Mysteries

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“I taught ancient philosophy for 30 years” — All I can say is God help your students, in that case…

Yes, that’s the link to the free Stoicism 101 Masterclass and then this is the link to the full…

I believe it starts on 6th June but there's some flexibility – you should contact Optimize to…

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Coaching and Stoicism

The Dirty Dog of Philosophy

Well, I hope you don’t mind me saying this, but you seem to me to just have answered your own…

I'm not suggesting that someone suffering from depression will be able to climb out of it.

Stoicism: Advice for Young People

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Yes, we associated this more with ACT but notions of mindfulness and acceptance were part of…

I'm not keen on that quote.

Being AWARE of Anxiety

It was easy to show that what you wrote in your original comment was historically incorrect.

>>someone who taught history of philosophy for 30 years

This is what happens when people lazily base their opinions solely on secondary sources, especially…

How to Think Like Marcus Aurelius

The Loeb edition by CR Haines.

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Some Stoicism you may have missed…

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Sunday’s Marcus Aurelius Anniversary Event Online

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Stoic Methods of Journaling

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Healing the Now by Imagining the Future

Google "Demosthenes waves". There are several paintings of this scene.

Three Sources of Joy in Stoicism

Public Speaking: Ancient Greek Style

The Stoic Kiss of Death


That essay sounds like a real stretch to be honest but I'd be interested to check it out.

Well, there’s no evidence of any symptoms of epilepsy — so I’d say that’s probably just unfounded…

Socrates as a Soldier

How to Improve Social Anxiety

Book Review: Meditations

Forthcoming Stoicism Events

If it’s literally true that anger is “necessary” for human survival then how do you explain people…

Yes, the Stoics carefully distinguish between voluntary and involuntary feelings of anger.

How Stoicism Cures Anger

Yes, because Marcus doesn't mention Seneca in The Meditations, nor does Epictetus, or in fact, as…

How to Think like a Roman Emperor

Marcus Aurelius’ Favourite Books

I wrote a book about Stoicism and ACT called Build Your Resilience but at that time the ACT…

The Difference between stoicism and Stoicism

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That’s no longer under our control so the Stoics view it as a moral “indifferent” in their…

Rebuilding Plato’s Academy

Five New Articles on Stoicism

The Military Metaphor in Marcus Aurelius

The Stoicism of George Washington

Marcus Aurelius in Therapy

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How Socrates Could Save America