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"The meaning of philosophy as a way of life, for Socrates and the Stoics, is right there in its…

Death, Love, Stoicism

The Great Essay-Writing Machine

You’re referring to the sentence: “It’s unfortunate that third-wave therapists turned predominantly…

Marcus Aurelius as Historian

Maxims from the Delphic Oracle

Look again at the first part of the article.

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Stoicism, the Farmer, and the Viper

Philosophy and Falling Out of Love

How to Fall out of Love

My Favourite New Article on Stoicism

My favourite book on Stoicism is probably The Inner Citadel by Pierre Hadot.

You can’t grasp the negative view of Julius Caesar?

That's okay, and your comment certainly didn't cause me any "distress" whatsoever.

I definitely didn’t say that the Spartans were role models, or that their culture was admirable…

How I wrote Verissimus

Stoicism and Rational-Emotive Behaviour Therapy

Book Review: Lives of the Stoics

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The Stoic Way to Find More Time in Your Day

Win a signed copy of my new paperback: How to Think Like a Roman Emperor

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Well, I’m not sure what sort of answer you’re looking for to that question so if I have to be brief…

What’s new in Stoicism?

The Stoicism of Descartes

How to be Stoic on Social Media

The Stoicism of John Lennon

Stoicism and Comics

New: Modern Stoicism Podcast

Stoicism as a Martial Art

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Socrates and the Plague of Athens

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Emerson on Stoicism

How to Cope with Self-isolation Like an Astronaut

Stoicism and Psychological Resilience

Marcus Aurelius on Hadrian

A Stoic Manual for Pandemic Survival

Video: Stoicism and the Pandemic

Stoicism and Islam

Stoicism in the Time of Plague

All of the sources are cited in the text.

Marcus Aurelius on Alexander the Great

Sorry for sounding like a broken record but the fact is, once again, that’s an obvious ad hominem…

Stoicism and the Military

Again, the main point you same to be repeatedly making is that we shouldn’t consider these ideas…

Like I said, arguing that the ideas espoused by a person are bad because the person has a bad…

That’s what we call the ad hominem fallacy, though.

The Stoicism of Thomas Jefferson

The Stoicism of Benjamin Franklin

Stoicism: Courage Under Fire

How to be a Stoic by Massimo Pigliucci

Ah! Pseudo-Seneca it is then!

Of course someone can exhibit controlled anger.

I can only assure you that the article wasn’t written with any anger in mind.

The Stoicism of Augustus

What you say doesn’t apply to all Muslims, though.

This article was about the Stoics’ disagreement with Peterson, though, and whereas he says we…

Stoicism in Gladiator 2

“Lastly, it was simply my observation that you were biased.

Well, the short answer is that we have huge volumes of evidence on the effects of training in CBT…

He certainly doesn’t say that about the observation we’re talking about in the article, though.

You start off by criticizing the motives of someone in order to justify your criticisms of their…

Book Review: The Practicing Stoic by Ward Farnsworth

Books on Philosophy and Psychotherapy

The same point is made in my article.

“The reason Peterson is so appealing is precisely because modern psychology and therapy isn’t…

Thanks but to be clear my main point in the article isn’t that Peterson is not a Stoic — I think…

So let me try to understand… Your argument is that the word “spurned” necessarily entails the…

Probably the majority of men (and women) have at some point surely been “spurned” or rejected…

That would be a valid objection on your part except that it’s easy to demonstrate that it’s not…

Stoicism versus Jordan Peterson

Throughout this article you misspell “Stoicism”, the Greek philosophy, as “stoicism” (lower case)…