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My mother was an alcoholic. She died at 47 when I was in my late teens. I had no idea how to cope. Much of my childhood was hellish, as she was erratic at the best of times. I wish that I had known about the "Meditations" back then. Marcus Aurelius would have changed my life.

The only conclusion I came to about alcoholism, or any addiction for that matter, is that the addict must want to change and seek help.

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Thank you for making it practical and easy to relate to like Alcohol addiction..be nice if you can talk about Sex addiction too if possible.

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Thank you for the essay. Stoicism has been a big help to me in my recovery from alcoholism, even though I had twelve years of sobriety when I rediscovered it and embraced it as a potential contemporary way of living. And in turn, my active participation in 12-Step recovery has helped me in my Stoicism.

Why? When I first read ancient philosophers in my twenties I liked what I was reading and envied them for having a like minded community of philosophers. In my program, I have found a like minded community that helps me in my program. The only Stoics I interact with are over the Internet. But, I apply Stoicism in a way that’s comparable to the ways my friends in recovery apply their religious philosophies. And we share in this intent to pursue our individual spiritual journeys.

I mentally replace the word “God” with the word “Good” in all of my conversations, prayers and meditations. I don’t know what God’s will is for me. 22 years ago men who thought they knew what God’s will was flew jetliners into the World Trade Center and Pentagon. But through Stoicism, I can turn my life and my will over to the care of Good, as I understand Good (i.e. Virtue). Virtue and vice arise phenomenologically from the actions of each of us through our choices.

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Awesome in-depth essay and teaching about Stoicism and its application to our lives! Like gold - and far better than any great wine!

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