Apr 20 • 1HR 12M

What is Wisdom? with J.W. Bertolotti

Donald and Joshua talk about Stoicism and philosophy as a way of life

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Donald J. Robertson
J.W. Bertolotti
Donald Robertson, the author of "How to Think Like a Roman Emperor", and a cognitive-behavioral therapist, talks about how to apply Stoicism in the modern world, discussing philosophy, psychology and self-improvement with guests from all walks of life. Available on Google and Apple podcasts.
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In this episode, I chat with

host of the In Search of Wisdom podcast, and founder of the Perennial Leader Project. Josh was one of the speakers at our Stoicon-x Military event a few years ago. We’re both very active on Substack now, Josh at so I thought it would be a great opportunity to reconnect and chat about philosophy as a guide to life.


  • How Joshua got into philosophy

  • His journey as a podcaster speaking to people about the nature of wisdom

  • Stoicism and other philosophies

  • Desire and attachment in philosophy

  • Conceit, and skepticism as a way of life

  • How the Delphic maxims can teach us about philosophy